Real Madrid issued the last path! Faced to Paris and people around the world

  • 2021-11-20 21:16:45 |
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According to TalkSport Exclive NEWS, the actual Madrid issued the last path to Paris. If the situation has not changed, it is ready to pull out quotes from MBPE. The real Madrid believes that the club has enough sincerity. When a quote of € 1.6 billion was returned by the paritium, the club sent the second offer and sent a total value of € 18 billion.

The first offer of Real Madrid MBPE was € 140 million, but it was refused, then they sent the second offer, then the amount was € 155 million and a total of 180 million It became an euro.

However, at present, Paris did not yet respond to quotes. At the same time, MBPE also selects a large list of Paris's weekend leagues and the transfer window is closed.

If TalkSport does not yet loose the attitude of Paris, Real Madrid draws quotes from MBPE and waits for January and the player in January and then joins it tomorrow.

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